A Cry in the Dark

Friday, March 21, 2008

sometimes life gets in the way....

Yes, I know! It’s been ages since I’ve visited....

Business law just SUCKS! lol Too much reading, more reading, and then reading again. I am hating this class more than any other I have taken. The instructor is horrible, the material is dry, and I’m so glad I only have 4 weeks left before it’s done. I can’t wait to take Accounting!

Sir has been busy with the house project. While I haven’t been able to help Him as much as I would like to, it has taken up a good part of our lives lately. It’s almost done so life should come back to a more “normal” status soon!

I’ve also taken on a contract job. Fortunately, it’s not that many hours and the pay is fantastic. There isn’t much left on the project so that will free up some more time soon.

There haven’t been any trips to Chicago lately, but I have been to the Boston area. In fact, it looks like that will become a regular trip for me this year. We have two companies there that I need to visit. I think it may be a monthly trip, but I can at least take the train instead of flying!

Time has been flying by and I keep thinking about the things I want to share. Sir has been teasing me about how long it’s been since my last post. There just hasn’t been an opportunity to put things up here! Having said that, though, life is good.

It’s really, REALLY good these days!

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