A Cry in the Dark

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i think i made a mistake....

My class this term is on communication, gender, and culture. When I read the little syllabus blurb, it seemed like I would be learning how the genders communicate differently and how to bridge the gaps.

So far, I couldn’t be more wrong!

This course seems to be much more interested in forwarding radical feminist attitudes. I really feel sorry for the couple of guys in the class. One of them went so far as to apologize for being male! After only one class!


How does a submissive female who is VERY happy being considered the property of a man communicate effectively in this environment?

This whole term is going to be a test of tact, I think....

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

this is NOT going to be one of those whiny, “i’m needy” posts....

It would be SO easy to write one of them today. Instead, I’m just going to post this.

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

fantasy dungeon....

Sir and I have been joking around about some of the comforts we want to include in the new house. I’ve mentioned a dungeon a couple of times and He sometimes goes along with the idea.

I think the thing that got me so interested in adding a dungeon to the house was seeing His Domme friend working her submissive over. The thought of the two of them working her over throughout a weekend has a certain appeal. Of course, I would be bringing them ice to cool her hot little cheeks, serving drinks, and handing them the implements of their choice....


If you were to build a fantasy dungeon, what would you include? What would you say just isn’t worth it?

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