A Cry in the Dark

Sunday, November 12, 2006

something that moved me....

I know this is late for Veteran's Day, but I still want to share it. I received this video from a friend and it moved me tremendously.

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

sound bites....

I think Smooches has finally forgiven me for being away. Instead of glaring at me from across the room, she crawled into my lap this morning for some cuddles. Of course, she had to stick her head into my arm pit.... Ewwwww! I haven't showered yet!


Smokey has figured it out. Something is up. The suitcases are out and he's decided that I can't go anywhere if he sits in one.... Remind me to check for kitty toys before I close them up, please?


The lunch with my boss the other day was great! It's going to be so hard going back to the office at the end of the month and not seeing him there....


Who's the luckiest girl I know? Me, me, me, me, me!!!!! Even with all this traveling, I will get to see at LEAST five bloggers in the next two weeks. There is a possibility that number will increase to eight if some people will check their e-mail and IM! lol


I'm sitting here, typing this, and thinking of everything I have to get done in the next two days. Why is it that I forgot I need a new suitcase? Why didn't that skirt fit right? Now I have to make a trip to the mall today to get those things taken care of.... So why is it so much easier to sit here griping instead of getting ready to go?


Speaking of the skirt that didn't fit.... My credit card has gotten such a work out lately that it's in pain. I went on a MAJOR shopping spree. My sister would be so proud of me! I didn't buy one single thing in black! The new black is brown.... Two brown skirts, one nutmeg, one khaki, two brown tops, two taupe-y tops, three ivory, one pink, two blue, a brown cardigan, a butter rum cardigan, a boysenberry cardigan, a brown coat and a pair of brown boots. I think I'm set for the winter!


OK.... I'm going to stop stalling and get my butt in gear. The liquor cabinet is still pretty full, so you guys didn't party enough while I was gone! I expect to see it completely empty when I get back....

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Monday, November 06, 2006

wait for the beep!

You have reached the blog of WistfulWench. She is off running around like a chicken with her head cut off for the rest of the month. Please leave your name and a brief message. Feel free to create havoc herein. Make yourselves comfortable and make free use of the liquor cabinet. It is fairly well stocked, so if you can't find something to drink, that's your problem.....

I'll try to be back by the end of this week. Then off again next week and most likely should be considered MIA until the end of the month. If I don't return before Christmas, please send out the National Guard and resident St. Bernard to search for me.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

needing some ideas.....

I'm throwing myself on the mercy of my readers. Since my boss will be leaving on November 17, I would really like to get him a gift to say "Thank You" for the six years we have spent together.

V has been an amazing boss to work for. While he is very demanding in his expectations, he is also one of the most compassionate people I know. I had only been working with him for two months when my aunt passed away. When I told him I would really like to take a couple of days off to be able to go to Kansas for the funeral, he not only told me to take the days as bereavement leave (which was stretching the policy) but also used his own frequent flier miles to pay for my tickets to get there. Any time something has happened with my family, V has immediately responded with support and even re-worked deadlines to allow me to be with my family when I needed to be there.

What do you give someone who can buy pretty much anything he wants or needs? Here is some personal information to help with the ideas....

He and his fiancee bought a boat last spring.

He enjoys fishing and playing golf.

They both enjoy fine dining and trying new wines.

While we work in a technology-driven field, he is not a techno-weenie. He still uses a small paper calendar to track his daily schedule.

He has a great sense of humor.

He just became a grandfather last month and is so proud of that fact.

I have truly been blessed to have V as my boss. He has been an amazing mentor, has spent countless hours of his time in teaching me, and has truly helped me grow into the position I created when I went to work for him. He always supported me in getting things done, which allowed me the freedom to get processes into place. I am really going to miss him....

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Lavender said something that really touched me this morning. It reminds me of a conversation with a couple of friends when I was struggling with some relationship issues a couple of years ago.

I had said something to the effect of wishing I didn’t have certain feelings about what had happened. What was said to me frequently comes back into my mind when I try to deny an emotion, so I thought I would share it.

When you feel something, it is valid. Always. It is your heart and mind talking to the inner you. You need to listen so you can accept. Trying to deny them only means that they will fester and come back again and again, stronger each time.

Now, accepting that I have a certain emotion does NOT mean I have to act on it. When someone makes me angry, I try to recognize why I feel that way. Is it the action or the person? If it’s the person, then why do they bring that emotion out in me? Can I find something positive about that person to reduce or offset the anger?

So many times, we are told that we are bad or wrong for our feelings. I don’t believe that for a second! We all have the RIGHT to our feelings. They are ALWAYS valid.

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