A Cry in the Dark

Saturday, August 02, 2008

win a few, lose a few....

Well, I made it through July without having to travel. Of course that has to come back and bite me! I’ll be heading out to Chicago on the 13th only to come home on the 14th. Then I get to go to Boston the following week. I’m still struggling on whether to make that a one night, kill myself trip or to make it easier but be away for two nights.

I guess when I win by getting to stay home, some greater power decides I need to pay for it....

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

i think i made a mistake....

My class this term is on communication, gender, and culture. When I read the little syllabus blurb, it seemed like I would be learning how the genders communicate differently and how to bridge the gaps.

So far, I couldn’t be more wrong!

This course seems to be much more interested in forwarding radical feminist attitudes. I really feel sorry for the couple of guys in the class. One of them went so far as to apologize for being male! After only one class!


How does a submissive female who is VERY happy being considered the property of a man communicate effectively in this environment?

This whole term is going to be a test of tact, I think....

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

this is NOT going to be one of those whiny, “i’m needy” posts....

It would be SO easy to write one of them today. Instead, I’m just going to post this.

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Sunday, July 06, 2008

fantasy dungeon....

Sir and I have been joking around about some of the comforts we want to include in the new house. I’ve mentioned a dungeon a couple of times and He sometimes goes along with the idea.

I think the thing that got me so interested in adding a dungeon to the house was seeing His Domme friend working her submissive over. The thought of the two of them working her over throughout a weekend has a certain appeal. Of course, I would be bringing them ice to cool her hot little cheeks, serving drinks, and handing them the implements of their choice....


If you were to build a fantasy dungeon, what would you include? What would you say just isn’t worth it?

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Monday, June 30, 2008

this is the part i hate....

Classes ended last week with final exams due on Tuesday. All I can do now is wait, which is the part I hate the most.

Grades for the final still aren’t posted. My final grade depends on how well I did on that test and I hate not knowing!

*drums fingers on desk*

Patience is a virtue I am NOT blessed with!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

trying to turn my black thumb green....

Going green seems to be the catch phrase of the moment. In my own personal effort to “go green” I have started a container garden.

Now, gardening is something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve had some luck with flowers, but I’ve also killed my fair share of plants. I did a lot of research on container gardens and decided I was ready to take the plunge.

Sir and I went shopping and spent about $20 on pepper and tomato plants with some basil and lettuce seeds. I planted everything except the basil right away. So far, so good! I have a teensy little baby pepper on one plant and everything else is still alive! Yay me!

This is the test before we get the new house built. I’ve been asking for a garden and Sir has said I can have one. I figure I can handle it if I can get things to grown on my balcony. The difficult part is going to be deciding WHAT to grow! I’m not going to have a lot of space and keep thinking of more things to add to it. Strawberries, cucumbers, cantelope, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, asparagus (for Sir, of course!), carrots, oh, my!

At least I have some time to plan it all out. And I’m more confident I won’t kill it all!

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

needing some ideas....

Sir’s birthday is coming up soon and I’m at a loss. When I ask Him what He would like, He says things like, “dinner at McD’s” or other minimal activities.

I know He doesn’t like to have His birthday be a big deal. I get that! I really do! I’m not big on my birthday either, but I do want to do something nice for Him. When I’ve tried to explain WHY it’s important to me, He just shrugs it off and tells me to let it go.

I’m looking for ideas, here. Can any of you think of something that wouldn’t seem like I’m making a big deal about His birthday but would allow me to show Him how grateful I am to have Him in my life?

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

i know..... i know....

I know it’s been ages since I’ve been around. It’s not that I don’t think about all my friends here, it’s just that time is so difficult to come by these days.

I’m traveling again for work. *sigh* Fortunately, I’m managing to keep it down to once a month. This year, it’s Boston more than Chicago. The last three trips I’ve been on have been “team” trips. A group going to one city or the other for meetings and presentations. I don’t mind the Boston trips so much, though. It’s so much easier to take the train than it is to fly to Chicago. One of these days, though, I have to stop on my way home. I pass right by Providence and that’s pretty close to a very special lady I still want to meet! (Hint, hint, Foulmama!)

Sir’s house is on the market, but no luck in selling it yet. There’s a part of me that tries to stay serene about the situation and another part that is chomping at the bit. Once the house is sold, we can move forward with our lives and our plans. I want that so badly, but I also am very comfortable with the life we have now. Isn’t it silly? I want it both ways....

School is, as usual, time consuming. I have a final exam to take this weekend, then no more classes for a couple of weeks. I’ll be so glad when this is all over! Another year at this rate and I’m already just so tired of it. There are days when I am convinced I am just an idiot for even trying to do this right now.

All in all, life is good! I shouldn’t complain, because things are just going so well for me. So feel free to smack me! lol

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

broccoli is a hard limit....

as is asparagus....

squash is a soft limit....

there are no limits on corn,

and green beans,

and peas,

and lima beans,

and cabbage,

and brussel sprouts,

and carrots,

and potatoes,

and cabbage,

and spinach.

With all the areas with no limits, why is it that the hard limit keeps being discussed?

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Friday, March 21, 2008

sometimes life gets in the way....

Yes, I know! It’s been ages since I’ve visited....

Business law just SUCKS! lol Too much reading, more reading, and then reading again. I am hating this class more than any other I have taken. The instructor is horrible, the material is dry, and I’m so glad I only have 4 weeks left before it’s done. I can’t wait to take Accounting!

Sir has been busy with the house project. While I haven’t been able to help Him as much as I would like to, it has taken up a good part of our lives lately. It’s almost done so life should come back to a more “normal” status soon!

I’ve also taken on a contract job. Fortunately, it’s not that many hours and the pay is fantastic. There isn’t much left on the project so that will free up some more time soon.

There haven’t been any trips to Chicago lately, but I have been to the Boston area. In fact, it looks like that will become a regular trip for me this year. We have two companies there that I need to visit. I think it may be a monthly trip, but I can at least take the train instead of flying!

Time has been flying by and I keep thinking about the things I want to share. Sir has been teasing me about how long it’s been since my last post. There just hasn’t been an opportunity to put things up here! Having said that, though, life is good.

It’s really, REALLY good these days!

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